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Does IMRAN KHAN have enough resources to reshape the employment system for youth?1 MILLION KA KHAWAB

PM Promise

We all know, the PTI official’s extremely-hyped pledge was to generate at least 1 Million jobs in the first six months. It seemed to be a reasonable target but did Imran Khan’s government actually fulfil the promise or not?

In 2018 before election, Imran Khan delivered a vision of 1 million employment opportunities for youth and people might have voted him for that reason.

Pakistan's economy is in freefall, with inflation at an all-time high and the country's economy dropping to new lows every day. Country suffers when inflation rate touches the cloud. Inflation in Pakistan has been at 14.6 percent higher as compared to the past 12 years, making it one of the highest in the world. The economic crisis Pakistan has faced during Imran Khan’s government made Pakistani currency one of the worst-performing currencies after 1-US dollar crossed 160 PKR. Due to these crisis, Naya Pakistan seems to be an ordeal for Imran khan as well.

People says for all the tail promises of Naya Pakistan, PM Imran Khan has only taken his country backward. Total public debt in Pakistan has ballooned, International loans are piling up.

In the start of 2020, Pakistan suffered from COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown has shaken up the economy. COVID-19 proved to be a massive issue for Imran Khan as he was bound with crisis. Not only Pakistan, many other countries got affected due to the pandemic but still this is not the solution of our issue.


Economy of Pakistan is fighting the bottom line with unemployment skyrocketing. Our youth has nothing to do with the degree as unemployment is rising time to time. Sorry to say but majority of our youth is working as a cab driver to earn bread and butter. According to the World Economic Forum, Pakistan's youth unemployment rate is 9 percent in a country where 65% of the population is under 30 years old.

Did Imran Khan Take advantage of this issue or he actually have a plan to change the direction of employment for youth?

There’s a famous phrase from Imran Khan “GHABRANA NAHI HAI” I think now we have to be worried before the situation gets worse.


Over the internet, different forums and organizations have highlighted this issue and gain much focus of government officials. In our society, we have a bad habit of pulling the legs rather than providing the solution. We can’t blame our government if we can make a solution. Even our government will appreciate us if we will try to play a significant role. We believe that if the major organizations in Pakistan can utilize their resources, they can really improve the economy of Pakistan. They have to think outside the box and for sure they will come up with multiple solutions.

We have to appreciate the good step taken by top notch companies and digital platforms as they are providing long term employment opportunities and expanding their network. A short introduction of these companies and their service is given below:

  • One Call App

  • Enablers

  • Extreme Commerce

  • Start-up Pakistan

  • Freelance forums

One Call App (By Gohar Sultan)

One Call App proposed the solution for unemployment in Pakistan and proved to be a major source of employment. One Call App is the digital platform providing business opportunity to the new comers to join them and earn the handsome profit from each territory. One Call App has more than 3000 business categories for each area and their network is growing rapidly. The only app operating innumerable territories and performing best in all the territories. One Call App has started dozens of successful businesses for all type and market size including HR Services, medicine supplies, employment service, grocery delivery, food or restaurants, electronics, online mechanic, plumber, or car wash service providers. Above all, the most popular and dominant territory is Real Estate. One Call App is smashing the Real Estate market and this is one of the core components of One Call App. Real Estate territory owners are closing the Real Estate deals using one call app. It means that people will be able to get a lot of benefits from other territories.


Enablers (By Saqib Azhar)

Biggest e-commerce training and learning platform and motivated to bring Amazon in Pakistan. Enablers provides complete support to open Amazon store from Pakistan. People are earning millions of dollars and hence playing a major role to stable the economy of Pakistan.


Extreme Commerce (By Sunny Ali)

Extreme Commerce well-known name for Amazon FBA training platform. Extreme commerce founded in March 2017 in Pakistan aims to train Pakistani youth and individual in the field of E-Commerce business over Amazon.


Start-up Pakistan

Start-up Pakistan is a flagship initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan's Kamyab Jawan program, with the aim of creating a national start-up ecosystem that will train one million young people in entrepreneurship and will launch 10,000 start-ups in the next five years by 2023, as well as create jobs and economic activity in a scalable and sustainable manner.


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