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How online pharmacy can increase your profit

Pharmacy industry is getting rapid growth in both developed and developing countries. The pandemic of COVID-19 has sparked a new wave of online market demand for over-the-counter (non-prescription) medication and wellness goods. COVID-19 seems to be a key source of online pharmacy service. Online shopping has shaken up a basic business model that has survived for more than centuries. Our way of buying medicine is transformed digitally. Online pharmacies have been operating for more than two decades, but in recent years they have made a real impact and cornered the market. The internet has changed the way we shop, with conventional retailer retrenchment having a noticeable effect on the market.

If we can see the census and market value of online pharmacy service, we will be amazed. The global market revenue of online pharmacy is about to cross $130 billion in the next five years. The market growth is forecasted to be around 18% every year. The growing internet adoption and the knowledge of the online market are two of the most important factors contributing to Pharmacy’s potential growth in Pakistan.

5 ways to increase your online pharmacy profit

· Do market research

Just because we are providing unique products does not mean everyone else does too. Don't depend on your intuition to find out how to increase non-prescription sales in online pharmacy. Analyse data and study to see through over-the-counter and retail items are in high demand.

  • Online Marketing

To get clients, you need skilled traffic to your online store, just like every other online company.

Investing in online advertising is one of the most effective ways to do so. If you'd rather advertise your shop on social media, here's what platform you have to choose:

Facebook, Instagram and other social media Ads.

YouTube video Ads.

Before starting your social media campaign, carry out a small research and analyse what your competitors are doing to boost up the sales.

  • Strong Customer Relationship

According to the research, pharmacy store owners who have established good and trusting relationships with their customers have a greater chance of obtaining repeated orders due to the personal connection. Furthermore, customers do not hesitate to send personal information to pharmacies.

You can accomplish this by training your highly experienced staff to create an atmosphere of confidence, kindness, and comfort in which they can communicate well with customers and form personal connections.

  • Create App

It is not possible to increase the market size of your online pharmacy if you don’t have an App or at least a web store. Virtual existence of online business is necessary to showcase the pharmacy and its unique products. If you are a start-up and not in a position to cover App charges, you can take a start from the web store of your online pharmacy.

  • Competitive products

In an online store, apart from organizing things properly, you need to check what actually you are putting in. Majority of customers love to compare products of similar categories and then come up with the decision. Customers love to compare prices and brand name among medicines. The strategy for competitive products is to keep the same type of products in one passage.

Best Online Pharmacy

One Call App

One Call App stepped in online pharmacy service and what they have achieved in minimum time is unexpected for a new firm. One Call App has built trust in their customers by providing exceptional service in each category. One Call App’s pharmacy service meets international standards of quality and authenticity. Their infrastructure follows complete ISO standard policies and procedures.

Pharmacy delivery service will allow you to order medicines including both generic and imported medicines. One Call App supports emergency delivery service to make your life easier and your medications safer. We are the officials providing service nationwide:

  • 24/7 delivery service

  • Dispense medication monitoring service

  • Medical Supplies

  • Nutrition

  • Lab Report collection

App link:

What’s new?

Lab Test Facility

One Call App connects you with the nearest lab centre for testing and they will come to your place to take samples. Seems to be an outstanding opportunity for old aged people. In our App, more than 90% of testing labs provide free of cost sample collection service.

Medical Consultation

One Call app continuously strives to do best for the customers and now we are going to provide an online lab test facility in a few days. Customers will be able to book lab tests online using our App. This facility essentially aims to help us to maintain SOP’s.

How does it work?

Pharmacy delivery system works little differently as compared to other services. Pharmacy delivery systems work according to time and urgency of delivery. Suppose in case multiple orders come from the same area. In this case, if a customer has referenced that he has some urgency our team will automatically serve the client in highest priority. Our system automatically sets up the order with the nearest pharmacy to save your time.


One Call App does provide promotions and encourage the medical suppliers to release discounted offers for their customers. Promotion tab also allows customers to compare prices of different drugs. Promotion tab ought to give 15-20% off on generic medications and up to 25% off on imported nutritional products

Near me tab

Near me tab features allow customers to look for the nearest pharmacy located in their area. Near me tab really shows the closest pharmacy and medical service provider accessible in your general vicinity. This tab shows the rundown of the closest supermarket and shop in the client's territory. Clients simply need to choose the departmental store and the complete profile of the store will show up with contact restraints, and the client can submit the request by calling the pharmacy store. Customers simply need to ensure that the location is ON. tab pinpoints the market as per your present area.

Be a Partner of our Online Pharmacy

One Call App provides a platform and ample opportunity to every pharmacy owner and medical supplier. If you want to grow your clientage and are looking for a large network then you are at the right platform. Join us today, register your business and you will start receiving orders.

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