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This Year Will be the Year of HR Services

This year has overturned the priorities of most HR service providers. While Human Resource activities have traditionally been performed internally, the outsourcing of HR practices is rapidly increasing. Businesses have never done as much hiring as they have done today. Our professionals have prepared a detailed job of analysis to determine what tasks the job required and what aspects a good employee should have. Starting HR service requires analytical thinking, govern structure and good understanding of risk and reward. It’s mandatory to be aware of your competitor and develop your company’s tactics accordingly.

One Call HR Services

One Call App has superb experience in staff hiring and HR services. One Call App is providing a number of services in the field of HR and staff management. One Call App plays a particular role while staffing the HR feature in order to empower HR and recruiting services to do the following:

We aim to hire and retain skilled and productive workers in order to meet the company's priorities and objectives.

  • The success of our company is determined by how well our employees are educated.

  • On a monthly basis, we conduct performance evaluations with new hires to assess their strengths and areas for growth.

  • Our hiring criteria includes strong monitoring of CovID-19 precautionary measures to ensure safety and to develop a healthy environment.

We leverage modern technology as well as time-testing central approaches to develop a pool of talent countrywide.

It's far more difficult to find housekeepers with the required experience, education, and credentials. One Call App is ready to take on the challenge.

3 key points to run successful HR services company

· Good Organization needs Good Staff

One of the most important aspects to establish a successful HR service business is to surround yourself with qualified and reliable people. This simply can’t be done by a single man. Good employees get motivated when they see their work as the best time of their lives. When staff feels taken for granted or remains unaware of their actual value, this makes an employee overrated for the job. Positive attitude between staff and employer is the key aspect to become a successful hiring firm.

· Staff Training

Training the staff is the core element to be successful in this market, because one qualified employee can generate more leads for hiring and recruiting. Effective staff training increases productivity and improves the quality of work. Trained staff performs the job efficiently and there remains no chance for minor mistakes.

· Invest yourself

In the field of HR and hiring, communication and network in the market does matter. It comes from investing your time and focus in your company. There is no more profitable investment than investing yourself – Roy.T Bennett.

How One Call App works?

One Call HR Services aims to make the whole process of staff hiring as easy as possible and we always look forward to serving you with our exceptional services.

Here are multiple ways for you to avail instant service:

• Broadcast query

• Near me tab

• Promotion tab

Broadcast query

You are looking for staff, you just have to send a query in our App. Experts and certified HR staff from our App will contact you. Staff members will perform the job accordingly. Broadcast query seems to be extremely helpful because our HR services staff shows 24/7 availability.

Near me tab

In our App, there is a tab named near me tab against each service. Once you have selected the service you will click on the near me tab and a list of nearest staff members will appear. You just have to call the best staff member and they will complete the job for you.

Note: - The pinpoint marked in red color shows your location. Rest of the pinpoints in yellow shows the location of nearest service provider staff in your area.

Promotion tab

This tab will show the list of service providers who are giving some discount and exciting offer against the service.


Can I hire a security guard?

Yes, One Call App provides experienced security guards (armed or unarmed). You just have to publish your requirement and our team will come up with experienced staff.

Cost to hire a security guard?

Cost varies according to requirement and area but in comparison with competitive companies One Call App provides the most economical package.

How can I Hire a security guard near me?

This is the easiest method to hire a security guard. In our App, you just have to swipe to the near me tab and there will appear a list of nearest available security guards in your area. As you know, the near me tab works with your location so it will automatically navigate.

Can I get HR services in Lahore?

Yes, our network works nationwide. One Call App provides experienced staff in Lahore and other cities as well. You can get our HR services all over in Pakistan.

Join our network

You can register yourself by providing some basic information about yourself and our team will look forward for the best working opportunity for you. We have team of surveys to collect data for qualified technician and staff.

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