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Real Estate

Real Estate brokerage business for deep rooted communities and social segments through meaningful use of technology.

Showing an Apartment


Unstructured market, lack of comprehensive service outlets, unvarified real estate projects and it all cost the end user in the terms of financial loss

  • Most of the real estate is under people who are not professionals, they lack friendly customer services, mainly rely on manual/conventional tools & are prone to create phony demands to inflate prices.

  • Beneficiaries are only few players.

  • Real Estate has not yet been treated with intelligent use of technology. The use of technology is rather tyrannical, which the status quo perpetuates to exploit not just people but realtors.


"Buidling a comprehensive system which is backed by data and true source and has ability to reach deeper community level"

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It's Time to Grow

Product is Ready & Proven

Product is already functional and operational in the market.

 True Inventory is an asset

In real estate market true inventory of properties is an asset within itself.


Target Market

  • Survey data packages, plots trading, verified real estate projects and query broadcast to foster active commercial communication.

Real Estate Agents

Direct Buyers

  • Market projects through real estate agent network, partner services and other media

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Size The Market

According to the world bank estimate, the size of a country's real estate assests constitutes between 60 and 70 % of the country 's total wealth; if these estimates are applied to Pakistan the  estimated size of the real estate sector would be $300 to $400 billion.

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Visual Project

There is no direct competitor with significant level of similarities. Partially, most of the segments are already functional in the market but Not integrated as a comprehensive system.

Direct Competitors


InDirect Competitors

Competitor Approach

Approach 1

All of them are essentially giving a platform to real estate agents where they buy different packages and put up their ads of property.

Approach 2

Almost all the listing is fake. So, no real data.

Approach 3

These packages are designed in such a way that only favor big players in the market. In other words, only their property ads pop up on the first few pages of their website.

The Utopia

This is how we solve problems

  • True Sourcing

Through our own on ground surveyors we get the data of what is available in the market (supply)

  • Data Collection & Usage

Through consumption of data by the realtors (who sign up); we evaluate the real need (Demand)

  • Systematic Management

Agent network to sell verified plots and real estate projects

Meet The Team


Harris Badar

CEO & Founder


Sana Asif

Co- Founder


Ayesha Gul

PR & Corporate Relations

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