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Achieve more in less time with One Call. Our automated search solution connects you to the right businesses at the right time without a fuss. One Call broadcasts a client's request to many targeted local services, and the local services with the right offerings and pricing then come forward.
One call can hook you up with the best technicians, servicemen, restaurant, and businesses in your locality with just a few clicks!
You'll also get to access a profile list of businesses complete with their contact details, photos of their stocks and equipment, and their customer reviews and ratings.

Connect with Local Businesses

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Get effective assistance on one call

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What is One Call app?

One Call app is a service to connect customers with businesses in the area, based on customer query or request.

Why do I need One Call? as a user

One Call has the power to help you in almost every situation. 
For example, you need groceries delivered at your home, all you need to do is to broadcast your request on one call and the grocery store within your area can collect your request and serve you accordingly.
And you can post any request to One Call and get any kind of help.

How many businesses are already linked with One Call?

With One Call search solution you can reach up to 100 Million businesses globally. You can find out about businesses in your area by going into “NEAR ME” tab after selecting the category.

How much does it cost?

One Call carries out a variety of pricing models based on area, region, applicable laws and market dynamics. It ranges from completely FREE to $3.99 a month for users. You can download it for FREE.

This is an incredible service and everyone can benefit from it. This should be a FREE.

We couldn’t agree more but we incur costs on development, server expenses and on every customer request broadcast is also sent through SMS and automated phone calls (in some cases). So, we have to charge a nominal fee to keep it afloat.

How can i register my business on One Call?

We are operating various regions. Please download the app the go to Help section all the instructions, pricing, requirements are listed in the Help section. Or you can drop us an email at

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