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Business Services for All kind and size of Businesses

One  Call Business

Empowering businesses

Mobile App is Effect Solution but Too Expensive

Too much to do

Social media, third party platforms, website, SEO, video platforms, etc.

The truth is maintaining a flow of “engaging” posts on multiple websites is nothing more than a wild goose chase for most businesses.

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Want to build an App to survive your business during Lockdown? It is effective

  • Now, we are talking millions.

  • Hire some software company for the project

  • Design, development (frontend, backend), Testing, Go Live (usually, minimum takes 3-6 months for a very simple app)

  • Maintenance, on going operations, changes, etc.

  • Marketing, get users

  • Survive the churn rate (most of the users delete app within 48 hrs of installation)


Spend Money, Time, Energy with No Assurance

Bringing user will be another task which tend to exhaust most of the businesses

Not just a mobile app, there is a world to explore

1,000+ categories and 100+ Million businesses listing globally.

One Call -

Works Everywhere

  • One Call a territorial service to connect buyer and seller. 

  • Works everywhere to find and connect business near user.

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One Call Business

Create business profile, build a mobile presence, help your customer with other problems too. No on-going tasks to complete.

Go Live in 24hrs

  • A comprehensive customer on-boarding process

  • Reside on your customer's phone

  • Stop wasting money, every time, you need to engage your existing customer

  • No capital investment

  • No recurring operating expense or to post everyday

  • Mitigate churn rate

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Minimalistic, Efficient, Manageable & Affordable

Every business has its own products & services, communication strategy and method. One Call Business help businesses to reach their customer through a comprehensive on-boading method.


  • No complicated setup or learning curve

  • Simple and effective use case

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Problem Statement

Covid-19 has massive impact on the market. Today, every business has to go Online.

Taking Business Online is Dicey

  • Too Much to do

Social Media, Other platforms, website, SEO, etc.

  • Expensive

Creating a page, signup is easy,maintaining it is not cheap.

  • Very low customer retention

On going struggle to retain your existing customer

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  • Facebook
  • Create Page

  • Pay someone to create post everyday (take photo, write content, etc.)

  • Promote post to reach the same customer or to find new potential customer

  • Instagram
  • Create Page

  • Pay someone to create post everyday (take photo, write content, etc.)

  • Promote post to reach the same customer or to find new potential customer

  • pppp
  • Business signup

  • Promote your business at their platform

  • YES, you get the orders from new customers

  • They charge up to 30%

  • They take all your profits

  • www
  • Create a website

  • Get high quality content

  • Optimize your website (SEO)

  • Advertise your website

  • Spend hundred of thousands of rupees

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